What you will learn

•To structure and manage your innovation strategy

•To add value to your products and services

•To choose the right materials and the newest technologies

•To make the development process more effective

•To create sustainable products and services

Customer centered design

What You Will Learn

•To understand the needs of your target (customers, users, etc.) and use these information in the design process

•To engage final users and customers of your product/service in the whole design process

•To use specific tools in order to increase your capacity to sell the right products or services that your clients would like to buy

Customer centered design - training materials 

Design driven innovation for SMEs

What You Will Learn

•To understand the difference between Innovation of Solutions and Innovation of Meanings

•To understand Innovation of Meanings through a team working activity

Design driven innovation - training material 

Strategic design for SMEs

What You Will Learn

•To learn the reason-why (and the evolution) of strategic design;

•To apply a strategic and systemic approach in new product-service development processes

•To enhance a mind-set able of managing complexity, sense and meanings for innovation

Strategic design for enterprises - training material