How to change competition rules, foster creativity, build a new common product/service development process, preview the global trends and communicate innovations to your organizations and your customers.

Design for problem solving

What You Will Learn

•To get awareness of different problem-solving tools for innovation engineering.

•To foster problem solving and innovation in any kind of enterprise

•To exploit the TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

•To get inspiration from nature

Design for problem solving - training material

Global future trends

How global Global Future Trends and business models influence product design and development

What you will learn

•To intercept Global Future Trends for the design of new products / services

•To implement within their companies a «Design for Megatrend» approach

•To use the provided examples as a reference for the Project Work to be presented during the final Face-to-Face event

Global Future Trends - training material

Design for business models

How business models can support at global scale product and service design and development

What you will learn

•To design business models, from theoretical and applied market science

•To adopt different business models

•To use the Business Model Canvas tool

Design for business models - training materials 

Business model Canvas - training material