How to use design as a strategic asset, building more effective and distinctive services, engaging customers in the design process, converting people’s needs into market opportunities, and developing new products/services from new ideas.

Design for shaping products

How the shape of a product can boost its marketability

What You Will Learn

•To understand the drivers to shape the form of industrial products

•To control all the variables that contribute to the final appearance of products

•To manage and balance the different drivers of the form

Design for shaping products - training material

Design for opening new markets

How to use creativity to convert people’s needs in market opportunity

What You Will Learn

•To use creativity in the design process

•To use specific tools to drive creativity in the innovation process

•To increase your capacity to understand the external competitive cultural landscape and drive your design innovation path

Design for opening new markets - training material 

Unpack creativity Canvas

Design for innovative services

How to design services to differentiate the offering of companies

What You Will Learn

•To improve the value of the offering adding services to the products

•To design meaningful services, considering the nature of your company and its competitive position in the market

Design for innovative services - training material