How to use new emerging production technologies and innovative materials in your approach to business, and re-design your products.

Design for materials

How the use of innovative materials brings competitive advantage and opens new markets

  • Use innovative materials for bringing a competitive advantage in your SME
  • Understand the several factors to be considered in choosing and developing innovative materials and products
  • Introduce a strategic and systematic approach in your business to bring added value to your products
  • Learn about new innovative materials that will change the future
Design for materials - training material

Additive manufacturing for design

How additive manufacturing revolutionizes the SMEs’ approach to business and product design

  • Understand the differences between Addictive Manufacturing and the more traditional manufacturing methods
  • Adopt the most useful available technologies on the market
  • Select the raw materials available for 3D printing
  • Use the design approach instead of traditional methods
  • Choose materials and technologies that prioritize the aspects most relevant to your target application
  • Design your products thinking additive rather than in a traditional way
Additive manufacturing for design - training material part 1

Additive manufacturing for design - training material part 2