How to develop greener products and services, by designing them with the tools of the Life Cycle Assessment and run a cost-benefit analysis thanks to the Life Cycle Costing method.

Design for life cycle costing

How to run a cost-benefit analysis during the design phase

What you will learn

•To use Life Cycle Thinking by detailing the basic concept of the Life Cycle Costing (LCC).

•To approach the design phases, from the idea generation up to the market uptake.

•To apply LCC in your business, thanks to different Case studies

Design for life cycle costing - training material

Design for life cycle assessment

How to use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for developing greener products

What You Will Learn

•To secure market and competitive position

•To answer customer’s requests for environmental and social information

•To access to Green Public Procurement

•To become supplier of international companies (i.e. IKEA)

•To identify opportunities for environmental impact and waste reduction

Design for life-cycle assessment - training material